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Hello everyone! Finally I have a chance to blog again. I’ve had my house torn apart since Saturday. It’s actually still messier than normal but not as bad. This afternoon I got to the point where I could set my computer up again and get back on the internet. The reason for the mess and yet another absence is I bought myself a new TV. This is the biggest total splurge since my BigStridea win. I have bought new skates and a used mountain bike but these were for exercise purposes more than just outright enjoyment. I did set my road bike up on the trainer right in front of the TV so I guess as long as I use it the TV won’t be for total enjoyment šŸ™‚

I had to tear my place apart because I bought a 46″ which didn’t fit too well in my bedroom. So I’ve moved it and the computer into the living room. So the living room is a living room again and not a poker room šŸ™‚ I’ve held one poker game in the last 3 years so it was time. One of the benefits of this arrangements is I’ll get more sleep. With the tv in the bedroom most nights I would be up till 2am. With the alarm set for 6:25am everyday I don’t get as much sleep as I should. The latest I’ve been up since the new set up has been 12:30am so already I’m picking up an extra 1.5hrs sleep. I think it helps the only chair I have in the living room so far is uncomfortable if I sit in one position too long. It’s good incentive not to push the TV watching and risk falling asleep in it.

So this past Sunday I raced my second ever cyclo-cross race. The main reason was because it was right in my own hometown. The secondary reason was more race experience for next year. It was 1.3 miles from home so I biked to the race. To be honest it was almost my 1st DNS (did not start) as I woke late and it was freezing outside. I manned up though and biked to the race. Since I was running late I picked up my bib# first and then proceeded to practice on the course.

I found this course easier than the first race I did. I’m thinking maybe just because I had done one before and didn’t faze me as much? Don’t get me wrong it was challenging and tiring but at the same time easier. Once the race started it was a little harder as a race always brings a higher intensity than a practice run. On the first lap the biggest problem I had was from a racer who couldn’t ride a section of tight turns on a hill. The racer “stalled” out on the turn and held up 4-5 of us. Since it was tight we were forced to wait till he/she got going. Some of us got by but I didn’t and I was right behind her when he/she stalled out on another tight uphill turn. I had to slam the brakes on and may have swore…not sure. He/she felt bad and just pulled over till we got by this time.

After that the ride was going pretty good when I tried to pass a young girl. When she saw me out of the corner of her eye she bolted! I yelled “I guess I’m not getting by?” She yelled back “NEVER!” I could only smile and laugh. I loved her spirit but you know this meant the game was on! šŸ™‚ About 200 yards further down the course I saw we were coming up on another young rider. I realized if I paid attention and made my move at the right time this was the time to pass her. Sure enough she didn’t move to pass her quick enough and I used that opportunity to pass her. With me coming up on the left of her and the other rider in front of her she couldn’t fight me off this time! šŸ˜‰ She would get the last laugh shortly after though.

That was the last bit of fun I was to have on the course unfortunately. Shortly after that I started having problems with my bike. First my chain came off for some reason. I stopped and put it back on but then it started to stay on the front ring instead of travel back to the rear wheel and this would cause me to come to stop. I tried 5 or 6 times after that to fix it but it would come off or bind up each time. I didn’t want to quit but I realized then I wasn’t going to finish this race. I was happy the DNF was due to mechanical issues rather than an injury though. Next year I’ll need a better bike for these races as I didn’t like the DNF. I would have preferred coming in dead last than not finishing at all.

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7 Responses to My First DNF

  1. oh sorry to hear about you bike! that is too bad. i really enjoyed the story about you and the girl racing each other. you sound very savvy on a bike!

  2. A DNF sucks, but at the same time, they’re huge learning experiences! Sorry you had issues with your bike, but it does appear that you got a lesson out of it! (And a story!)

  3. DNF stinks – but better your bike than you!

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  5. biz319 says:

    Sorry that mechanical problems got in your way of finishing – love the spirit of the challenge though in passing another biker! šŸ˜€

  6. Oh no – sorry to hear about the difficulties! My hubby totally wants to try a cyclo-cross … his race schedule for 2011 is totally crazy already!

  7. biz319 says:

    Hope you are doing well John!! Hugs!

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