Self-Imposed Timeout

Remember this guy?

Hello everyone. That everyone is likely a pretty small crowd but that’s what you get when you blog once or twice a month!
I’m trying everyday to get back on track. Some days are more successful than others. Some days are good like Sunday and then I blow that day up by being twice as bad Monday! I am hoping I’ve found a reason to get back on track that will stick. That reason is….money!

When I started my weight loss and this blog I had some challenges I put in writing. Hence the name of the blog 🙂 Well I guess I forgot a few of them the last few months. One of them was not to eat out and another was to start a savings fund. These two challenges just came screaming into my mind this past week. After finally pulling the trigger on a new vehicle and business really slowing down I’m really noticing how much money I’m blowing on my unhealthy eating! So starting tomorrow I start eating healthy again. Because I couldn’t yesterday or the day before or the….. 😦

The exercise front for the most part has been decent. A missed run here or there due to the weather. I hadn’t missed my badminton Tuesday nights till tonight. And the ice skating has been going well except for one night. I figured out I must have had my skates tied to tight and the next day I couldn’t even stand in my skates w/o my ankle hurting. So overall pretty good till last week.

Since I don’t know when, I’ve had a nagging left heel injury. Usually it’s just the day of my runs. Sometimes it would linger to the next day. Nothing I couldn’t handle. I thought after my marathon it was clearing up as I ran 26.2 miles and didn’t have any heel problems that day or the next. Guess that was just an anomaly. So anyways like I said no big deal till last week. Last week my heel started hurting me during my workday. I hadn’t run in three days and it hadn’t hurt in that time.
However during my day it started hurting me. I’m leaning towards it being my new winter boots and/or them being tied too tightly but I decided I needed to take some time off running.

The first race in my “40 races before 40” is December 31st so I figured I better take a break sooner than later. Today marks the start of the second week of my self-imposed time-out. My heel has been feeling better. Today was the second day wearing the new boots and it went better. I tied them looser and I was only in them for about 3 hours while shoveling my driveway and doing some errands. Towards the end of my time in them the heel was bothering me just a bit but nowhere close to what it has in the past. I’m thinking now how tight I tie up my shoes,boots and skates has a bit to do with my heel problem. The reduced circulation hasn’t been helping I guess?! I’m sure it’s not the only or main reason but I’m making sure not to over tighten my footwear.

So one more week at least not running and maybe not skating or playing badminton. Luckily that first race is just a 10k so I’m not worried even if I end up not running till the day of the race. I really hope I don’t need a third week but it’s going to be a busy 2011 so I’m prepared to take it if necessary.

I think that’s enough for now. I need to save some material for my next post. Hopefully tomorrow night. Hopefully….I mean you know my track record lately! 🙂

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10 Responses to Self-Imposed Timeout

  1. Astrid says:

    Your track record has been pretty abysmal. Even my boyfriend noticed that you haven’t been around. Small world, isn’t it? I am so happy to hear from you, though, and was honestly excited to see omments from you this morning. Glad you are doing well. I can’t wait to hear about your race when it happens!

    • John says:

      I can’t disagree, I have been abysmal lately! I’m hoping I’m turning the page though and you’ll see me around more like I use to be!

  2. Hope the heel heals quickly! Okay, that looks funny, doesn’t it?

    At least there are plenty of other activities you can do even if you can run.

    It’s the same for me where exercise is usually pretty consistent, but the eating is what gets whacky. You can’t out train a bad diet.

    • John says:

      I’ve thought it looks funny too when I’ve written that. There are other activities I can do but I think with the planned craziness to come I’m just going to lie low for the next week. You’re so right about not out training a bad diet!

  3. Dec 31st?? That’s going to be one chilly race! What race are you running? Isn’t something at midnight? That would be kinda cool. A New Year’s race.

    • John says:

      Yes the 31st, it’s the Resolution Run 10K in Ottawa. I wish it was at midnight or even just before but it’s not. It’d be kind of cool to start 10 minutes before so you run out of one year and into the next right?

      A lot can happen in the next 2 weeks but it really hasn’t been too bad lately so I’m hoping it won’t be too cold that night. It starts at 6:30pm.

  4. John – I hope your foot/heel feels better very soon. Like Lori said, there are lots of other exercises you can do like biking or swimming. You will get your spending/eating habits back. You have the desire to do it – that’s the first step!

    • John says:

      You beat me. Yours was one of 2 last blogs to visit after making my blog post tonight. Sorry it’s been so long!

      Thanks it’s feeling better but I’ll still be leery till after the first run.

      I do have the bike set up on the trainer so I guess I should put it to use 🙂

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