Finally Listening to Dr. Phil

In the beginning I liked watching Dr.Phil, before he went all Maury Povich/Jerry Springer. Anyways one of the things I remember him saying with regards to weight loss is you need to change your environment. He said something like if you are having a hard time losing weight and work in a candy store get a new job! Well I don’t work in a candy store but I’m in a similar situation.

For the last 21+ years I’ve been working for or running a small distribution business. My main product line is processed potatoes like fresh-cut fries and whole peeled potatoes. This means every stop in my day involves going into a place where food is served! When I’m not in a food joint I’m driving by many places where it’s simple to stop and grab something to eat whether it’s a candy bar at a gas station or burgers at McDonald’s. It seems simple enough not to stop anywhere other than my customers to reduce temptation but it’s not 😦

When Dr.Phil made the suggestion to change your environment it seemed like a good idea but it’s not always an easy one for people to change careers. At the time I was early into owning my business so it just wasn’t happening then. I loved the fact I was working for myself and was making decent money for the area I live in. A few times since then I have managed to lose 80+ and 120+ pounds. But I’ve never managed to keep it off. I blame a big part of it on my lack of willpower and a smaller part of it on constantly being around food all the time.

So what this means is I’m looking for a NEW JOB! I’ve actually been looking for over a month now. As scary as it is I’m leaving the comfort of the only job I’ve had since 1991… soon as someone offers me a new one. The only jobs I’ve applied for would leave me out of contact with food except for my 3 squares a day. Wish me luck!

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  1. Good for you for looking for a new job! Taking risks is good … and change is good!

  2. biz319 says:

    Best wishes – sending good vibes your way!! Have a great weekend!

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