Waiting Game

Good morning. Boy getting a job these days takes so long. I waited a week for them to process my application. I waited a week to see if company would accept me. Now I have to wait till Monday at least to see if I get final approval after my medical yesterday.

It seemed to go well. Some things I was worried about turned out to be much better. One of those was my blood pressure. It was 120 over 85. In October it was around 140 over 100 which was just low enough to get my commercial driver’s licence. The other thing was my weight. My scale is off because I weighed in around 353lbs naked at home and 3 hours later I weighed 350lbs with my clothes on….didn’t think it’d be good to strip there 🙂

Some things they checked was my hearing, eyesight, range of motion, breathing, heart beat and drug test. It was all good so I’m thinking I should get final approval on the job. I can’t remember if I said what the job is yet. Whether I have or not I’ll wait to say when I get approved or denied.

Weekly weigh-in: 351.7lbs (my scale this morning)

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2 Responses to Waiting Game

  1. biz319 says:

    Sending good thoughts your way John on getting the job! Hugs!

  2. Q: Last week I had my third in a series of interviews for a job that is just what I’ve been looking for. Unfortunately, the interviewer hasn’t contacted me about his choice yet. Should I continue waiting by the phone, call to see if he’s hired anyone, write an email expressing my enthusiasm, or what? This waiting is driving me nuts!

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