Reality Sinking In

Oh boy! I was 20 minutes away from a meeting with my supplier when my stomach started getting knots and butterflies. It was then that it really hit me that my life was changing and there was no going back if I went through with the meeting. Luckily I still had 19 minutes to calm down and remind myself why I’m doing this. That for good or bad it’s got to be done. That I NEED to try something else before I let too much more time go by. So as of February 11th I’ll totally be free of my business. 

I still don’t know when I start the new job. They asked if I could leave Sunday but I still haven’t received any travel info or any other details about it yet. So all I can do is keep preparing to be able to leave Sunday. Well, I’ll also be calling in the morning to see if they know anything. I’d like to know tomorrow if Sunday is still a go. Couple days notice is fair I think?

As for the weekly weigh-in? I weighed myself this morning and I was down to 349.6 lbs for a loss of 2.1lbs. This is a great loss seeing as how I still can’t eat clean for more than a day or two. So I’ll continue to try and improve my eating and take 2 pound losses every week!


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