Halifax, Nova Scotia

98%!  After much worrying I passed my rules course Friday. I missed one question that I should have got but it’s all good. After the test I found out my new assignment. I was told I was driving a work truck to Halifax, Nova Scotia. I’m only allowed to go 60 mph though so I won’t get there till Monday. It doesn’t sound like I’ll be there long based on what the other guy I’m with says. I don’t care though as I’m making money driving out. So keep the miles coming 🙂 

Tonight we stopped in Trois-Riviere, Quebec. Tomorrow we’re hoping to get to Moncton, New Brunswick. I’ve never been farther east then I am tonight so tomorrow will be a new experience. Here’s where I stayed for the past week….


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  1. I would love to travel east in Canada … some day …

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