Still Employed

Well I’m still working. Things are going pretty well. Everyone kept saying it would be exciting hut that’s not the case. We drive down the tracks at 15mph maximum in the dark. So there’s nothing to look at and we’re going slowwwww. Some parts of the track we travel at only 3-5 mph. Then there’s nights where we can sit for an hour or more while waiting for trains to go by. So not very exciting 🙂

The nice thing that’s happened is we got a raise! It was big to at $5.50 an hour. Makes the whole living on the road thing more bearable knowing i can reach my financial goals quicker. Well thats all for now as its tiring typing this out on my cellphone. Ciao.

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  1. biz319 says:

    Wow – that’s great John!! Sorry it’s boring, but my job can be like that some days too. I like having lots of things thrown at me, but some days I can sit at my desk all day and only do one thing.

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