Good morning boys and girls. I’m writing you from Fort St. John, B.C. I’ve been in northern Alberta and Bristish Columbia for the last 4 weeks. It sounds like I could be here quite a while. If that’s the case I have to start putting my foot down and stop going out with the guys so much. I feel like what I lost the first 3 months of the job I’m putting back on the last month. On top of that I’m losing money eating out. Every day I pay more than $27 for food I lose money because that’s what my company pays us for food.

Other than that the job is going pretty good so far. I’ll be 4 months in this coming Monday so I’ve almost learned everything I’ll probably need to know if I just stay a driver. Now that I’ve gotten this far the job seems pretty easy and actually pretty boring some days. The money though is pretty good so I’ll be sticking it out for a year or two anyways. I’ll be debt free next week. After that I’m putting my money away for retirement.

To end I’ll leave you some pics of a rail camp we stayed at this week.Images of my job. The pics are from a rail camp we stayed at one night this week. We’ll be there a couple night next week too.


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  1. Good job on getting debt free!

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