Halifax, Nova Scotia

98%!  After much worrying I passed my rules course Friday. I missed one question that I should have got but it’s all good. After the test I found out my new assignment. I was told I was driving a work truck to Halifax, Nova Scotia. I’m only allowed to go 60 mph though so I won’t get there till Monday. It doesn’t sound like I’ll be there long based on what the other guy I’m with says. I don’t care though as I’m making money driving out. So keep the miles coming 🙂 

Tonight we stopped in Trois-Riviere, Quebec. Tomorrow we’re hoping to get to Moncton, New Brunswick. I’ve never been farther east then I am tonight so tomorrow will be a new experience. Here’s where I stayed for the past week….


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No Weigh-In

Good evening. Normally Thursday’s would be weigh-in day but with the new job that won’t be happening. I’m not carrying a scale with me everywhere. So till I get home in 3 months or so there won’t be any more weigh-ins. Unless I come across one in my travels. It hasn’t been a great week for food intake but not bad considering I’m not at home to cook. I’m hoping I’m maintaining!

In other news I’m 4 days into my rules course. Tomorrow morning we’ll be going over some more rules and maybe a brief review. THEN, there’ll be a test after lunch :0  I think I’ve been picking things up ok. Combined with it being an open book test I think I can pass this. I just need 90% or better…no big deal 🙂 Wish me luck!

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Well, well, well! You may not know but I’ve been thinking of a career change for over a year and it always seemed to be a job away from home. At no time did I think I’d have a problem with it. I knew I’d miss my family but other than that I figured no big deal. Boy was I wrong! I barely was on the highway outside my town on the way to the airport when I started bawling?! I never expected that at any time. Even after my mom dropped me at the airport a couple hours later I wasn’t done. I could list all the times but short version was every time I thought of my family. I’ve been ok today though so I think I’m over it…for now anyways 🙂

Today I found out I was at least misled about the time I get to be home. I was told every 3 months I’d get to be home 2-3 weeks. That’s not the case! I get 1 week off every 3 months! So basically this is a full-time job that’s on the road. Therefore the road is my new home and my vacation is my old home. 

This definitely changes my outlook on this job as of right now. I went into this thinking I’d be lucky to last 1-2 years. As of now I know I won’t be doing this more than 2 years. Why 2 years? Well if I can last one year I’ll stick out a second just to sock some money away. I mean making money was the whole reason behind the career change. But it’s not everything so 2 years is acceptable because if I follow my plan I’ll have a good nest egg to find a new job afterwards.

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Just a quick post before bed. Thought I’d let you know where I’m heading. Tomorrow I fly to Toronto for a week. While there I’ll be taking a rules course for CN railway. After that it’s going to depend on where they need someone. So I may not be going to northern Ontario. I’ll have to wait till they decide.

Another thing I don’t know yet is what will become of my blog again. I’m not sure what my work schedule will be like or my access to the internet. Until I know more this may be my last post for a while. Take care of yourselves and I’ll see you back here as soon as I can!

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Reality Sinking In

Oh boy! I was 20 minutes away from a meeting with my supplier when my stomach started getting knots and butterflies. It was then that it really hit me that my life was changing and there was no going back if I went through with the meeting. Luckily I still had 19 minutes to calm down and remind myself why I’m doing this. That for good or bad it’s got to be done. That I NEED to try something else before I let too much more time go by. So as of February 11th I’ll totally be free of my business. 

I still don’t know when I start the new job. They asked if I could leave Sunday but I still haven’t received any travel info or any other details about it yet. So all I can do is keep preparing to be able to leave Sunday. Well, I’ll also be calling in the morning to see if they know anything. I’d like to know tomorrow if Sunday is still a go. Couple days notice is fair I think?

As for the weekly weigh-in? I weighed myself this morning and I was down to 349.6 lbs for a loss of 2.1lbs. This is a great loss seeing as how I still can’t eat clean for more than a day or two. So I’ll continue to try and improve my eating and take 2 pound losses every week!


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Workin on the Railroad

Good evening! I found out just before noon today that I passed my physical and the job is officially mine! They asked if I could travel Sunday so I’m starting Monday. Assuming they can arrange travel that day. I’m hoping they can’t because my 49ers are in the Super Bowl and the game starts at 6:30 pm! 

So what will I be doing? Well the title gives it away. I’ll be working for a rail maintenance company. They x-ray the tracks for damage, fatigue,etc in the rails. I’ll be driving the x-ray truck down the rail road. I’ll be gone for up to 3 months at a time. This first time will be 3 months.

It’s going to be quite the change. I’ll be going from working for myself, by myself to working for someone else and with someone else for several months in a row. Hopefully I get along with my new co-worker 🙂

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Waiting Game

Good morning. Boy getting a job these days takes so long. I waited a week for them to process my application. I waited a week to see if company would accept me. Now I have to wait till Monday at least to see if I get final approval after my medical yesterday.

It seemed to go well. Some things I was worried about turned out to be much better. One of those was my blood pressure. It was 120 over 85. In October it was around 140 over 100 which was just low enough to get my commercial driver’s licence. The other thing was my weight. My scale is off because I weighed in around 353lbs naked at home and 3 hours later I weighed 350lbs with my clothes on….didn’t think it’d be good to strip there 🙂

Some things they checked was my hearing, eyesight, range of motion, breathing, heart beat and drug test. It was all good so I’m thinking I should get final approval on the job. I can’t remember if I said what the job is yet. Whether I have or not I’ll wait to say when I get approved or denied.

Weekly weigh-in: 351.7lbs (my scale this morning)

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